All About Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Systems

Why have an epoxy carport floor? Common carport floors are downright dark cement. After some time, stains from oil, oils, and synthetic substances make plain dark cement become a terrible blemish. Having an epoxy carport floor covering will give you long stretches of administration, solidness and will oppose most stains; as well as give you a perfectly, completed surface to protect the worth of your home.

The Most Well-known Epoxy Floor Covering Frameworks

There are three normal frameworks accessible that will improve your carport floor:

1. Epoxy and Polyurethane Strong Variety Framework

2. Epoxy Chipstone (incomplete vinyl chip broadcast) with Polyurethane Top Coat Framework

3. Epoxy Granitex (100 percent vinyl chip broadcast) with Polyurethane Top Coat Framework

Remember that with these three epoxy frameworks, you have ‘great’, ‘better’ and ‘best’ kinds of epoxy carport floor frameworks.

The Great Framework

The epoxy polyurethane strong variety framework will endure roughly 5-7 years, support free, yet will require an upkeep layer of pigmented polyurethane. This carport floor covering is generally a two-coat, slimĀ epoxy floor installers film framework; running in thickness from 4-20 mils. It is applied by roller or airless sprayer.

The Better Framework

The epoxy Chipstone framework will endure roughly 7-12 years, upkeep free prior to requiring a support layer of clear polyurethane. This epoxy carport floor framework regularly comprises of one pigmented preliminary layer of epoxy; a pigmented variety cover with an incomplete/light transmission of vinyl chips into the wet epoxy; and a solitary layer of clear polyurethane for insurance. The thickness is roughly 20-30 mils.

The Best Framework

The epoxy Granitex framework can keep going up to 12-15+ years, support free prior to requiring a support layer of polyurethane. This epoxy floor covering is commonly one pigmented groundwork coat; a pigmented variety cover with a 100 percent/full transmission of vinyl chips; and two layers of clear polyurethane.


Appropriate surface planning is imperative to the drawn out progress of the establishment. All surfaces to be covered should be cleaned of foreign substances which might slow down holding. Concrete should be corrosive scratched, shot-impacted or jewel ground to accomplish a profile like 120 coarseness sandpaper. After arrangement, the substantial surface ought to be investigated for openings and breaks. On the off chance that openings or breaks are pervasive, interwoven ought to be performed. When readiness is finished, establishment is prepared to start.