The History of Australian Hockey Teams

In the last part of the 1800s, Australia didn’t have its very own maritime armada and depended upon the Regal Armed force for the security of the shore. The English Maritime officials positioned in Australia showed local people the round of hockey and established the groundworks for a game which Australian Hockey Groups have created and dominated. Directing the development and fame of the game, AWHA formed into a different and profoundly effective expert association.

Records don’t show where or when the primary round of hockey was played in Australia; but confidential young ladies’ schools were playing the game in 1900. It has been proposed that as South Australia was the principal state to shape an affiliation, the primary game occurred there.

Clubs jumped up in Melbourne and Sydney and hockey quickly turned into a  laid out sport in Australia and a huge number of hockey fan were likewise based there.

The primary all ladies Australian hockey groups was chosen in 1914 to play Britain in Australia, with the debut abroad visit occurring in 1930. The Affiliation turned into an establishment individual from the Global Organization of Ladies’ Hockey in 1927. Directing the development and notoriety of the game, AWHA formed into a different and exceptionally fruitful expert association.

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