Evaluation of the Freedom Chair Manufactured by Humanscale For Your Daily Needs

The Humanscale Freedom Chair comes with a massive price tag – anywhere from $600 to $2500 for an office work chair. In return, it promises the ultimate in customized comfort and a design that’s made to provide maximum comfort with minimum adjustable controls.

But, does it work, and is it worth the cost? For a high level overview of the benefits and drawbacks of the Humanscale task chairs, keep reading.

No Mesh Seats

Though certain styles of the Humanscale Freedom Chair offer mesh back supports, there are currently no chair styles with mesh seats. Rather, the chairs all have upholstered seats, so they’re not as airy as their mesh counterparts. Some people might find themselves all hot and bothered, especially if they’re accustomed to their breathable Herman Miller Aeron seats.

High Learning Curve

The Humanscale chairs claim they need minimal adjusting to achieve maximum comfort. And while these chairs do exhibit a small number of knobs, they can still be adjusted and adapted, but only after a full overview of the manual and a lengthy fitting session between you and the chair. เก้าอี้ That kind of subtle changes often requires a high skill level for many chair users.

Customized Construction

An interesting feature on the Humanscale website is the option to create your own chair to your specific customization choices. For example, you can build a titanium chair with standard gel armrests, covered in soft leather, built at a lower height and with castors made for a hardwood floor. Eclectic designers can even choose different fabrics for every seat cushion.

Intelligent Reclining Ability

A major selling point of the Humanscale Chairs are their intelligent reclining features. So, instead of locking into a particular position, the chair is designed to be fluid and flexible, only ceasing to recline once your body relaxes and stops pushing back.

The chair’s unique and very comfortable recline feature basically adapts